RAINMAKER Named One of Top Ten International Green Tourism Solutions

Publish date: November 1, 2016

ROTTERDAM, NOVEMBER 1, 2016 – The International Green Destinations Jury awarded Rainmaker Worldwide Inc. as a Top 10 Green Solution in Tourism during the international event Global Green Destinations Day in Ljubljana, Slovenia. Rainmaker won the award from Green Destinations for their Air to Water solutions, which harvest large quantities of water efficiently powered by … Continue reading “RAINMAKER Named One of Top Ten International Green Tourism Solutions”

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Local Angel Network Invests 1.7 Million in New Wind Power Technology Company Addressing Massive Global Need for Water

Publish date: February 4, 2016

Rainmaker Worldwide Inc., a company with unique clean-tech solutions for turning humid air into water, recently received an investment of 1.7 Million from Peterborough Regional Angel Investors. This investment will support the expansion of Rainmaker Worldwide Inc. and help to address a pressing human need in equatorial costal communities around the world.

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